<Product name>SOLink</Product name>

We believe in giving developers the freedom to build systems that work best for their teams.

While SOClass is commonly used as a foundation upon which to build a customised platform, SOLink is the hub that connects it to external systems.

For example, developers may wish to connect to an interface that better suits their needs. With SOLink, they can do so while maintaining all the easy functionalities of SOClass, plugging into its predefined modules and established security protocols.

Strong security

Flawless security, easy-to-install, turnkey module

All communications encrypted and protected

Control and monitor all connections

Identity provider

End-user authentication with OAuth 2.0

Customs system becomes an identity provider

External systems can seamlessly integrate Customs User login

Common interface API

Single sign-on using SOClass as an authorisation provider

Ready-to-use module for payment

Controlled access to historised tables and reference data

Extensible and configurable

Modules are configurable

New modules can be developed and validated directly with SO developers

Available for SOClass version 2.2.30 or higher (latest version of SOClass recommended)

Release Notes

Recent releases

SOLink 1.4 (01-12-2021)

  • Notification monitoring enhancements
  • Usage of SystemUserLoginManager
  • Changes in the remoteProcessOperation
  • LoadDocumentInfo, Get SOClass Modules list and Get DocumentInfo commands
  • Identity support for SOLink endpoints; some bug fixes

SOLink 1.3 (21-10-2021)

  • Transport API Implemented
  • Notification messages improved
  • Limited document info loaded from the parent document
  • Notification algorithm optimised
  • Ping command added