<Who we are>

We are engineers. Innovators.
Technical specialists. You might call us nerds – we won’t be offended.

We’re driven by our belief in a different kind of trade. Trade that is frictionless, seamless and open. Trade transformed by technology.

We equip our government partners with the tools and knowledge they need to drive this transformation. And, because trade never stops, neither do we.

</Who we are>

<Who we work with>

We are proud to be at the heart of an international community of countries, independent yet interconnected, confidently and securely exchanging data.

Growing and innovating faster. Building trust. Driving reforms. Seizing new opportunities. All of this and more – thanks to the power of technology.

Some of our clients

General Directorate of Customs - Dogana, Albania

Direction Générale des Douanes et Accises

Gambia Revenue Authority

Uganda Revenue Authority

Zambia Customs

Bangladesh Customs

Anguilla Customs Department

Direccion General de Aduana El Salvador

Direction générale des Douanes du Niger

Yemen Customs Authority

Zimbabwe Customs

Moldova Customs

</Who we work with>


Our roadmap

Since 2014, we’ve been evolving our applications to better meet the needs of government engineers around the world.


// Displays roadmap

2022 {
Q4 SOActive
Q3 web Client
   SOLink 1.5
Q2 SOClass 2.3 – Archiving
   SOClass 2.2.44
Q1 SOClass – Identity Provider
   web Client MVP
   SOLink 1.4
2021 {
Q4 SOClass 2.2.43
   SOLink 1.3
   SOClass 2.2.42
Q3 SOClass 2.2.41
   SOClass 2.2.40
Q2 SOLink 1.2
Q1 SOLink 1.1


<Where we work>

We partner with organisations across the globe to make trade frictionless, seamless and open.

</Where we work>

SO blog

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SO introduces the global App Store

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The New SO

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A happy community!

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