<Product name>web Client</Product name>

International trade is a serious business – but that doesn’t mean it can’t look good

Web Client is a clean, modern online interface that integrates seamlessly with SOClass and can be used with any other trade application in your ecosystem. Its delightful user experience is accessible from any device, whether on- or offline.

Web Client was designed with users of all backgrounds in mind, aiming to simplify and broaden access to SOClass.

web Client

Microservices-based application

A fully responsive modern UI/UX

Implemented in React

Customisable dashboards and alerts

Plug-and-play architecture

Docker and SOClass API architecture

No extra effort to deploy and configure

Sign in with SOClass account

Single integrated hub

Dynamic integration with customs systems

Reflects customs’ latest data verification rules

Seamless communication between customs and traders

Focused on productivity

Auto-save, auto-refresh and offline mode minimise disruption

Customs rules, validations and checks dynamically displayed

Modern licence agreement boosts stability

Web Client provides the interface and user experience your trading community expects and deserves. That means fewer setbacks in the trade process, which certainly makes us happy.