<Product name>SOClass</Product name>

Exchanging data and documents swiftly and securely is the lifeblood of international trade.

SOClass is a versatile framework that underpins customs management systems and keeps trade moving along seamlessly. It is designed to support powerful government applications through the following:

Documents management capabilities to keep the essentials in order

Workflow management to ease collaboration between participants

Robust security protocols as standard to protect the process

A user interface that can be customised according to your needs

We’re proud that more than 80 countries are already transforming their trade processes using SOClass.

SOClass provides a solid backbone for customs management, acing the essentials while giving developers the freedom to build a system that suits their organisation.

The framework empowers developers to build and maintain complex software applications and high-performance document management systems. The system offers an advanced workflow engine and the possibility to define easy-to-use user interfaces.

Release Notes

SOCIass has been out in the world for 25 years. We’re continuing to evolve the legacy product to meet the needs of the moment.

Coming soon

SOClass 2.3

  • Fast and optimised: Coded with the latest features of Java, including Java Streams, for performance and memory optimisation
  • Simple upgrade: A procedure to upgrade the server under our guidance and supervision
  • Archiving: Only transactional data is maintained in the main database for faster consultation

Recent releases

SOClass 2.2.46 (21-09-2022)

  • Improved speed of the GCF recovery process.
  • Improved mechanism for getting the table index information when working with Oracle Database.

SOClass 2.2.45 (19-08-2022)

  • Improved handling of ELF documents.
  • Improvements in RMI Security.

SOClass 2.2.44 (16-05-2022)

  • Improvement in the mail system to support communication between SOClass 2.1 and SOClass 2.2.
  • Updates in Finder to reset the results table when selecting another document.
  • Improved open cursors handling in XML2DB.
  • MAST now can better operate with filenames including spaces.

SOClass 2.2.43 (08-12-2021)

  • SOClass Server: Added support for a Remote Process Operation in the AbstractRemoteBroker.

SOClass 2.2.42 (20-10-2021)

  • SOClass Server: Added an option to refresh more than one Historize (HT), Reference (Ref) or Advanced Reference (Aref) tables. The respective lookup tables are also refreshed.

SOClass 2.2.41 (17-09-2021)

  • SOClass Core-API: Added synchronization for tasks that are waiting for loading.

SOClass 2.2.40 (11-08-2021)

  • Improved database connectivity and transaction handling;
  • Improved installation scripts.

SOClass 2.2.39 (16-04-2020)

  • Added an option to set an automatic timeout to unblock a user that has been blocked after a number of failed login attempts set by the so.login.fails option.

SOClass 2.2.38 (30-09-2019)

  • Improvements in Visual Binder Manager.
  • Added an option to restrict user login based on IP; a certain user to be restricted to log in only from a specified IP via a simple configuration in server.properties file.

SOClass 2.2.37 (24-06-2019)

  • Improved speed of document loading when there are too many versions of the loaded document.
  • Support for setting a number of failed login attempts per user and blocking the user when this number has been reached.
  • Improved database metadata support.

SOClass 2.2.36 (08-06-2018)

  • A new option to disable/enable the CRL validation: disablecrl.
  • Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) support. A new option to enable/disable the OCSP certificate validation: enableOCSP.

SOClass 2.2.35 (01-02-2018)

  • Improvements in the SOClass kernel.
  • Extended list of supported certificate types.