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How do I renew my support?

SOClass provides best in class support for your mission-critical production systems. We recommend that you always have an active technical support subscription.

To renew your support and select the best tier for your administration, please reach out to us via sOFia, our chatbot, the Get in Touch button on this website or directly at [email protected]. Our sales experts will then organise a meeting to better understand your needs and propose a way forward.

How do I obtain an activation?
Our 4 support tiers now come with an activation that always works and does not require you contacting us. If you have not yet subscribed to one of the 4 tiers, please reach out to us and include your message file on [email protected] or via sOFia, our chatbot.
How can I check the status of my current support subscription?

The License Agreement Grant we provide when your support subscription begins contains your license agreement number, tier of support and duration. Should you be unable to locate your license agreement document, please reach out to us via sOFia, our chatbot, the Get in Touch button on this website or directly at [email protected].

How can I learn more about your applications?

Please explore our App stOre or reach out to us via sOFia, our chatbot, or [email protected]. You will be contacted shortly after by a member of our team who will gladly guide you through and explain our product portfolio and how our applications will benefit your organization.

How do I activate my application using the SO simplified activation?
Please follow the ‘How do I obtain an activation’ answer and provide your license number from the licence agreement grant document.

Put the activation key received from us in the activation directory (soclass/server/etc/activation) and make a backup of the whole /activation directory.

Label the backup with the SOClass version. This is your unlocked, unlimited SOClass activation. It will be valid for the whole term of your current support subscription. You can copy it to as many servers as you like, if they are on the same version of your application.

Where can I obtain the technical documentation of your applications?
If you have an active support subscription, you have access to our Happiness centre. Access it, log in and click on Knowledge Base. Our knowledge base contains all the latest technical documentation of our applications as well as a convenient search feature that allows you to quickly find the documents you are looking for.

The Happiness Centre

The Happiness Centre is an ecosystem of knowledge-sharing and peer learning. Use it to get the best out of our products, share advice with other users and ask us anything. (we mean it — anything.)

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SO introduces the global App Store

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