<Product name>Doken</Product name>

International trade relies on quick, efficient processes to check electronic trade documents.

Currently, documents such as permits, certificates, licences, manifests and declarations are largely checked manually.

Doken is a blockchain network designed to certify and verify those documents, bringing the process up to date at a stroke.

It’s a game changer because it provides a secure, independent method to authenticate official documents, building trust even between countries that might typically take very different approaches.

Doken can be accessed through a mobile application, and offers a web portal to verify the authenticity of a document as well as display its content. And as you may expect, it operates seamlessly with SOClass.

Doken digitises document exchange for international trade, instantly speeding up the process.

But importantly, because it is blockchain-based, it provides an independent, dynamic check to validate official documents that eliminates any opportunity for abuse.

Doken ensures document integrity. Its actions are immutable. It provides a decentralised source of truth, and all information is publicly verifiable. Users can choose full, selective disclosure or partial consumption of documents.